Tapt1 family (IPR008010)

Short name: Tatp1

Family relationships



This family of membrane proteins is conserved in eukaryotes. It includes Tapt1 (transmembrane anterior posterior transformation 1) and homologues. Analysis of mouse Tapt1 has shown it to be involved in patterning of the vertebrate axial skeleton [PMID: 17151244]. Its cellular function is not known, but defective Tapt1 disrupts Golgi morphology and trafficking, and normal primary cilium formation [PMID: 26365339].

The homologues in yeast, endoplasmic reticulum membrane protein 65, and Arabidopsis, POD1, seem to be involved in protein folding in the endoplasmic reticulum [PMID: 19325107, PMID: 21954464].

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