Tenuivirus movement protein (IPR007974)

Short name: Tenui_movmnt_prot

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This family of ssRNA negative-strand crop plant tenuivirus proteins appears to combine PV2 [PMID: 8883361], NS2 [PMID: 18818319], NS3, and PV3 proteins.

Plant viruses encode specific proteins known as movement proteins (MPs) to control their spread through plasmodesmata (PD) in walls between cells as well as from leaf to leaf via vascular-dependent transport. During this movement process, the virally encoded MPs interact with viral genomes for transport from the viral replication sites to the PDs in the walls of infected cells along the cytoskeleton and/or endoplasmic reticulum (ER) network. The virus is then thought to move through the PDs in the form of MP-associated ribonucleoprotein complexes or as virions [PMID: 18818319]. The NS3 protein appears to function as an RNA silencing suppressor [PMID: 19251298].

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