Poxvirus A3L (IPR007952)

Short name: Poxvirus_A3L

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This family consists of several poxvirus A3L or A2_5L proteins. The entry of vaccinia virus (VV) into the host cell results in the delivery of the double-stranded DNA genome-containing core into the cytoplasm. The core is disassembled, releasing the viral DNA in order to initiate VV cytoplasmic transcription and DNA replication. A3L protein is a part of that core [PMID: 10729126]. The A2.5L gene product is an all-alpha-helical protein with a conserved Cxx(x)C motif in the N-terminal alpha-helix. It appears to be an integral component of intracellular virions [PMID: 12350360].

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