Suppressor of fused (IPR007768)

Short name: Suppressor_of_fused

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Sufu, encoding the human ortholog of Drosophila suppressor of fused, appears to have a conserved role in the repression of Hedgehog signalling. It is a repressor of the Gli and Ci transcription factors of the Hedgehog signalling cascade [PMID: 12150819], and functions by binding these proteins and preventing their translocation to the nucleus. Sufu has been found to be a tumour-suppressor gene that predisposes individuals to medulloblastoma by modulating the SHH signalling pathway [PMID: 12068298]. Homologues of Sufu have been found in bacteria, though their function is not currently known.

This entry represents the eukaryotic suppressor of fused proteins and their bacterial homologues.

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