Srp40, C-terminal (IPR007718)

Short name: Srp40_C

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This presumed domain is found at the C terminus of the budding yeast Srp40 and mammalian NOLC1 (also known as Nopp140) proteins. They are nucleolar proteins that contain a central domain consisting of ten repeats of acidic serine clusters alternating with lysine-, alanine- and proline-rich basic stretches [PMID: 22906532]. Srp40 may be involved in preribosome assembly or transport [PMID: 9364927]. Human NOLC1 interacts with casein kinase 2 (CK2), RNA polymerase I, p80 coilin , NAP57, and both major classes (box H/ACA and box C/D) of snoRNPs [PMID: 22906532]. It acts as a regulator of RNA polymerase I by connecting RNA polymerase I with enzymes responsible for ribosomal processing and modification [PMID: 10567578, PMID: 26399832].

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