Gasdermin (IPR007677)

Short name: Gasdermin

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The precise function of this protein is unknown. However, it is thought that this entry represents the gasdermin family which plays a role as a secretory or metabolic product involved in the secretory pathway and includes gasdermins A-E (GSDMA-E) and pejvakin. A N-terminal fragment released by proteolysis of gasmerdin A binds to lipids and homo-oligomerizes in the membrane forming pores, which may have a bacteriocidal function [PMID: 27281216].

GSDMB (GSDM) may play a role in achieving and maintaining the final differentiation state of epithelial cells [PMID: 15010812, PMID: 18038310]. A deletion/insertion mutation in GSDMB (DFNA5) is associated with an autosomal dominant non-syndromic hearing impairment form [PMID: 9771715].

Certain gasdermins are cleaved by inflammatory and apoptotic caspases [PMID: 29990470]. Gasmedin E is cleaved by caspase-3 and the N-terminal fragment released forms pores in the cell membrane, switching from cell death by apoptosis to pyroptosis [PMID: 28459430].

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