Coenzyme F420 hydrogenase/dehydrogenase beta subunit, N-terminal (IPR007516)

Short name: Co_F420_Hydgase/DH_bsu_N

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Coenzyme F420 hydrogenase (EC: reduces the low-potential two-electron acceptor coenzyme F420. This entry contains the N termini of F420 hydrogenase and dehydrogenase beta subunits [PMID: 2207102, PMID: 10751389]. The N terminus of Methanobacterium formicicum formate dehydrogenase beta chain (EC:, P06130) is also represented in this entry [PMID: 3531194]. This region is often found in association with the 4Fe-4S binding domain (IPR017896), and the C terminus IPR007525.

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