ISC system FeS cluster assembly, IscX (IPR007479)

Short name: ISC_FeS_clus_asmbl_IscsX

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Iron-sulphur (FeS) clusters are important cofactors for numerous proteins involved in electron transfer, in redox and non-redox catalysis, in gene regulation, and as sensors of oxygen and iron. These functions depend on the various FeS cluster prosthetic groups, the most common being [2Fe-2S] and [4Fe-4S] [PMID: 16221578]. FeS cluster assembly is a complex process involving the mobilisation of Fe and S atoms from storage sources, their assembly into [Fe-S] form, their transport to specific cellular locations, and their transfer to recipient apoproteins. So far, three FeS assembly machineries have been identified, which are capable of synthesising all types of [Fe-S] clusters: ISC (iron-sulphur cluster), SUF (sulphur assimilation), and NIF (nitrogen fixation) systems.

The ISC system is conserved in eubacteria and eukaryotes (mitochondria), and has broad specificity, targeting general FeS proteins [PMID: 16211402, PMID: 16843540]. It is encoded by the isc operon (iscRSUA-hscBA-fdx-iscX). IscS is a cysteine desulphurase, which obtains S from cysteine (converting it to alanine) and serves as a S donor for FeS cluster assembly. IscU and IscA act as scaffolds to accept S and Fe atoms, assembling clusters and transfering them to recipient apoproteins. HscA is a molecular chaperone and HscB is a co-chaperone. Fdx is a [2Fe-2S]-type ferredoxin. IscR is a transcription factor that regulates expression of the isc operon. IscX (also known as YfhJ) appears to interact with IscS and may function as an Fe donor during cluster assembly [PMID: 15937904].

This entry represents IscX proteins (also known as hypothetical protein YfhJ) that are part of the ISC system. IscX is active as a monomer. The structure of YfhJ is an orthogonal alpha-bundle [PMID: 15937904]. YfhJ is a small acidic protein that binds IscS, and contains a modified winged helix motif that is usually found in DNA-binding proteins [PMID: 16698547]. YfhJ/IscX can bind Fe, and may function as an Fe donor in the assembly of FeS clusters

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Biological Process

GO:0016226 iron-sulfur cluster assembly

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No terms assigned in this category.

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