ApaG domain (IPR007474)

Short name: ApaG_domain

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The apaG domain is a ~125 amino acids domain present in bacterial apaG proteins and in eukaryotic F-box proteins. The domain is named after the bacterial apaG protein, of which it forms the core. The domain also occurs in the C-terminal part of eukaryotic proteins with an N-terminal F-box domain. The Salmonella typhimurium apaG domain protein corD is involved in Co(2+) resistance and Mg(2+) efflux. Tertiary structures from different apaG proteins show a fold of several beta-sheets. The apaG domain may be involved in protein-protein interactions which could be implicated in substrate-specificity [PMID: 1779764, PMID: 10945468, PMID: 12522211, PMID: 15213450].

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