Tim44-like domain (IPR007379)

Short name: Tim44-like_dom

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Tim44 is an essential component of the machinery that mediates the translocation of nuclear-encoded proteins across the mitochondrial inner membrane [PMID: 10430866]. Tim44 is thought to bind phospholipids of the mitochondrial inner membrane both by electrostatic interactions and by penetrating the polar head group region [PMID: 10430866]. This entry represents the C-terminal region of Tim44 that has been shown to form a stable proteolytic fragment in yeast. This region is also found in a set of smaller bacterial proteins. The molecular function of the bacterial members is unknown, but transport seems likely. The crystal structure of the C terminus of Tim44 has revealed a large hydrophobic pocket which might play an important role in interacting with the acyl chains of lipid molecules in the mitochondrial membrane [PMID: 16647716].

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