Lipid/polyisoprenoid-binding, YceI-like (IPR007372)

Short name: Lipid/polyisoprenoid-bd_YceI

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This entry represents the lipid-binding protein YceI from Escherichia coli [PMID: 12107143] and the polyisoprenoid-binding protein TTHA0802 from Thermus thermophilus [PMID: 15741337]. Both these proteins share a common domain with an 8-stranded beta-barrel fold, which resembles the lipocalin fold, although no sequence homology exists with lipocalins. In TTHA0802, the protein binds the polyisoprenoid chain within the pore of the barrel via hydrophobic interactions [PMID: 15741337]. Sequence homologues of this core structure are present in a wide range of bacteria and archaea. The crystal structures of Yce1 and TTHA0802 suggest that this family of proteins plays an important role in isoprenoid quinone metabolism and/or transport and/or storage [PMID: 15741337].

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