Putative heavy-metal chelation domain (IPR007161)

Short name: DUF364

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This domain of unknown function has a PLP-dependent transferase-like fold. Its genomic context suggests that it may have a role in anaerobic vitamin B12 biosynthesis. This domain is often found at the C terminus of proteins containing DUF4213 (IPR025251). The structure of UniProtKB B8FUJ5, PDB:3l5o, suggests that the protein has an enolase N-terminal-like fold and this Rossmann-like C-terminal domain. Structural and bioinformatic analyses reveal partial similarities to Rossmann-like methyltransferases, with residues from the enolase-like fold combining to form a unique active site that is likely to be involved in the condensation or hydrolysis of molecules implicated in the synthesis of flavins, pterins or other siderophores. The protein may be playing a role in heavy-metal chelation [PMID: 20944207].

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