NACHT nucleoside triphosphatase (IPR007111)

Short name: NACHT_NTPase

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The NACHT domain is a 300 to 400 residue predicted nucleoside triphosphatase (NTPase) domain, which is found in animal, fungal and bacterial proteins. The NACHT domain has been named after NAIP, CIITA, HET-E and TP1. It is found in association with other domains, such as the CARD domain (IPR001315), the DAPIN domain (IPR004020), the HEAT repeat (IPR004155), the WD repeat (IPR001680), the leucine-rich repeat (LRR) or the BIR repeat (IPR001370) [PMID: 10782090].

The NACHT domain consists of seven distinct conserved motifs, including the ATP/GTPase specific P-loop, the Mg(2+)-binding site (Walker A and B motifs, respectively) and five more specific motifs. The unique features of the NACHT domain include the prevalence of 'tiny' residues (glycine, alanine or serine) directly C-terminal of the Mg(2+)-coordinating aspartate in the Walker B motif, in place of a second acidic residue prevalent in other NTPases. A second acidic residue is typically found in the NACHT-containing proteins two positions downstream. Furthermore, the distal motif VII contains a conserved pattern of polar, aromatic and hydrophobic residues that is not seen in any other NTPase family [PMID: 10782090].

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