CS domain (IPR007052)

Short name: CS_dom

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The bipartite CS domain, which was named after CHORD-containing proteins and SGT1 [PMID: 10571178], is a ~100-residue protein-protein interaction module. The CS domain can be found in stand-alone form, as well as fused with other domains, such as CHORD (IPR007051), SGS (IPR007699), TPR (IPR019734), cytochrome b5 (IPR001199) or b5 reductase, in multidomain proteins [PMID: 12372593].

The CS domain has a compact antiparallel beta-sandwich fold consisting of seven beta-strands [PMID: 12372593, PMID: 14761955].

Some proteins known to contain a CS domain are listed below [PMID: 12372593]:

  • Eukaryotic proteins of the SGT1 family.
  • Eukaryotic Rar1, related to pathogenic resistance in plants, and to development in animals.
  • Eukaryotic nuclear movement protein nudC.
  • Eukaryotic proteins of the p23/wos2 family, which act as co-chaperone.
  • Animal b5+b5R flavo-hemo cytochrome NAD(P)H oxydoreductase type B.
  • Mammalian integrin beta-1-binding protein 2 (melusin).

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