DNA polymerase processivity factor, herpesviridae (IPR007013)

Short name: DNA_pol_proc_fac_herpes

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Replicative DNA polymerases are capable of polymerising tens of thousands of nucleotides without dissociating from their DNA templates. The high processivity of these polymerases is dependent upon accessory proteins that bind to the catalytic subunit of the polymerase or to the substrate. The Epstein-Barr virus (strain GD1) (HHV-4) (Human herpesvirus 4) BMRF1 protein is an essential component of the viral DNA polymerase and is absolutely required for lytic virus replication [PMID: 9934686]. BMRF1 is also a transactivator [PMID: 9934686]. This family is predicted to have a UL42-like structure [PMID: 10882068].

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