Tweety (IPR006990)

Short name: Tweety

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The protein product of the Drosophila tweety (tty) gene is thought to form a trans-membrane protein with five membrane-spanning regions and a cytoplasmic C terminus. Tweety has been suggested as a candidate for a large conductance chloride channel, both in vertebrate and insect cells. Three human homologs have been identified and designated TTYH1-3. TTYH2 has been associated with the progression of cancer, and Drosophila melanogaster tweety has been assumed to play a role in development. TTYH2, and TTYH3 bind to and are ubiquinated by Nedd4-2, a HECT type E3 ubiquitin ligase, which most likely plays a role in controlling the cellular levels of tweety family proteins [PMID: 16219661, PMID: 18577513, PMID: 18260827, PMID: 17952139, PMID: 17116230, PMID: 15010458, PMID: 11597145, PMID: 10950931].

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