Ribonuclease CAF1 (IPR006941)

Short name: RNase_CAF1

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The major pathways of mRNA turnover in eukaryotes initiate with shortening of the poly(A) tail. CAF1 (also known as CCR4-associated factor 1) is an RNase of the DEDD superfamily, and a subunit of the CCR4-NOT complex that mediates 3' to 5' mRNA deadenylation [PMID: 15215893, PMID: 15769875]. In yeast, CAF1 (P39008) is also known as POP2, and encodes a critical component of the major cytoplasmic deadenylase [PMID: 11410650, PMID: 11239395]. It is required for normal mRNA deadenylation in vivo and localises to the cytoplasm. CAF1 copurifies with a CCR4-dependent poly(A)-specific exonuclease activity. The crystal structure of Saccharomyces cerevisiae POP2 has been resolved [PMID: 14618157].

Some members of this family contain a single-stranded nucleic acid binding domain, R3H, such as poly(A)-specific ribonuclease (PARN), which also contains an RRM domain [PMID: 23388391]. PARN is only conserved in vertebrates and may be important in regulated deadenylation such as early developmentand DNA damage response [PMID: 15247430, PMID: 20379136].

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