Herpesvirus large tegument protein, USP domain (IPR006928)

Short name: Herpes_teg_USP

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All herpesviruses contain a Ubiquitin (Ub)-specific cysteine protease (USP) domain embedded within their large tegument protein. The herpesvirus tegument ubiquitin (Ub)-specific protease (htUSP) domain of ~200 amino acids adopts an alpha-beta-alpha sandwich fold that features a central catalytic cleft, ideally suited to accommodate the C-terminal stretch of Ub. The catalytic triad Cys-His-Asp is strictly conserved, along with a putative oxyanion hole-forming Gln residue. The htUSP domain is a member of peptidase family C76 of clan CA [PMID: 16306630, PMID: 17349955, PMID: 17634221, PMID: 19640989, PMID: 19759126].

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