PRELI/MSF1 domain (IPR006797)

Short name: PRELI/MSF1_dom

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The PRELI/MSF1 domain is an eukaryotic protein module which occurs in stand- alone form in several proteins, including the human PRELI protein and the yeast MSF1 protein, and as an amino-terminal domain in an orthologous group of proteins typified by human SEC14L1, which is conserved in all animals. In this group of proteins, the PRELI/MSF1 domain co-occurs with the CRAL-TRIO and the GOLD domains. The PRELI/MSF1 domain is approximately 170 residues long and is predicted to assume a globular alpha + beta fold with six beta strands and four alpha helices. It has been suggested that the PRELI/MSF1 domain may have a function associated with cellular membrane [PMID: 12049664].

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