Opioid growth factor receptor repeat (IPR006770)

Short name: OGF_rcpt_rpt


Opioid peptides act as growth factors in neural and non-neural cells and tissues, in addition to serving for neurotransmission/neuromodulation in the nervous system. The native opioid growth factor (OGF), [Met(5)]-enkephalin, is an inhibitory peptide that plays a role in cell proliferation and tissue organisation during development, cancer, cellular renewal, wound healing, and angiogenesis. OGF action is mediated by a receptor mechanism, the receptor for OGF (OGFr) is an integral membrane protein associated with the nucleus.

OGFr is distinguished by containing a series of imperfect repeats. This entry describes a proline-rich repeat found in a human opioid growth factor receptor [PMID: 11890982].

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