Twisted gastrulation (Tsg) protein (IPR006761)

Short name: Tsg

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Tsg was identified in Drosophila melanogaster as being required to specify the dorsal-most structures in the embryo, for example the amnioserosa. Biochemical experiments have revealed three key properties of Tsg:

  • it can synergistically inhibit Dpp/BMP action in both D. melanogaster and vertebrates by forming a tripartite complete between itself, SOG/chordin and a BMP ligand;
  • Tsg seems to enhance the Tld/BMP-1-mediated cleavage rate of SOG/chordin and may change the preference of site utilisation;
  • Tsg can promote the dissociation of chordin cysteine-rich-containing fragments from the ligand to inhibit BMP signalling [PMID: 7958834, PMID: 11260716].
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