Endosulphine (IPR006760)

Short name: Endosulphine

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This endosulphine family includes cAMP-regulated phosphoprotein 19 (ARPP-19), alpha endosulphine and protein Igo1.

No function has yet been assigned to ARPP-19 [PMID: 11279279]. Endosulphine is the endogenous ligand for the ATP-dependent potassium channels which occupy a key position in the control of insulin release from the pancreatic beta cell by coupling cell polarity to metabolism [PMID: 11213264]. Igo1 is required for initiation of G0 program. In the absence of stimulatory signals, cells may enter into a reversible quiescence (or G0) state that is typically characterised by low metabolic activity, including low rates of protein synthesis and transcription. Igo proteins associate with the mRNA decapping activator Dhh1, sheltering newly expressed mRNAs from degradation via the 5'-3' mRNA decay pathway, and thereby enabling their proper translation during initiation of the G0 program [PMID: 20471941].

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