Mating factor alpha, C-terminal repeat (IPR006742)

Short name: Mating_factor_alpha_C


This repeated sequence,WHWLQLKPGQPMY, characterises the mating factor alpha-1 or alpha-1 mating pheromone. The hormone is excreted into the culture medium by haploid cells of the alpha mating type and acts on cells of the opposite mating type (type A) by binding to a cognate G-protein coupled receptor which is coupled to a downstream signal transduction pathway. It inhibits DNA synthesis in type A cells synchronising them with type alpha, and so mediates the conjugation process.

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0019953 sexual reproduction

Molecular Function

GO:0000772 mating pheromone activity

Cellular Component

GO:0005576 extracellular region

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