ERG2/sigma1 receptor-like (IPR006716)

Short name: ERG2_sigma1_rcpt-like

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This family consists of the fungal C-8 sterol isomerase and mammalian sigma1 receptor. C-8 sterol isomerase (delta-8--delta-7 sterol isomerase), catalyses a reaction in ergosterol biosynthesis, which results in unsaturation at C-7 in the B ring of sterols [PMID: 8082205]. Sigma 1 receptor is a low molecular mass mammalian protein located in the endoplasmic reticulum [PMID: 8755605], which interacts with endogenous steroid hormones, such as progesterone and testosterone [PMID: 9425306]. It also binds the sigma ligands, which are a set of chemically unrelated drugs including haloperidol, pentazocine, and ditolylguanidine [PMID: 8755605]. Sigma1 effectors are not well understood, but sigma1 agonists have been observed to affect NMDA receptor function, the alpha-adrenergic system and opioid analgesia.

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