LPS-induced tumour necrosis factor alpha factor (IPR006629)

Short name: LITAF

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Members of this family display a conserved zinc ribbon structure [PMID: 12527760] with the motif C-XX-C- separated from the more C-terminal HX-C(P)X-C-X4-G-R motif by a variable region of usually 25-30 (hydrophobic) residues. Although it belongs to one of the zinc finger's fold groups (zinc ribbon), this particular domain was first identified in LPS-induced tumour necrosis alpha factor (LITAF) which is produced in mammalian cells after being challenged with lipopolysaccharide (LPS). The hydrophobic region probably inserts into the membrane rather than traversing it. Such an insertion brings together the N- and C-terminal C-XX-C motifs to form a compact Zn2+-binding structure [PMID: 11731489].

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