LPS-induced tumour necrosis factor alpha factor (IPR006629)

Short name: LITAF

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LITAF (LPS-induced TNF-activating factor) (also known as SIMPLE; small integral membrane protein of the late endosome) is an endosome-associated integral membrane protein important for multivesicular body (MVB) sorting. It is a monotypic membrane protein with both termini exposed to the cytoplasm and is anchored to membranes via an in-plane helical membrane anchor, present within the highly conserved C-terminal region known as the 'LITAF domain' or 'SIMPLE-like domain'. The LITAF domain consists of conserved cysteines separated by a 22 residue hydrophobic region. LITAF domains are found throughout the eukaryotes, suggesting ancient conserved functions, with multiple instances of expansion, especially in the metazoa [PMID: 27582497, PMID: 27927196].

The LITAF domain consists of five beta-sheets, three N-terminal and two C- terminal to the predicted hydrophobic anchor region and is stabilized by the coordination of a zinc atom by two pairs of evolutionarily conserved cysteine residues. Consistent with a protein domain that resides in close proximity to membranes, specific residues within the LITAF domain interact with phosphoethanolamine (PE) head groups. The anchoring-region of the LITAF domain is likely to embed into the cytosolic-facing monolayer of the membrane bilayer by adopting an amphipathic character [PMID: 27927196].

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