TDU repeat (IPR006627)

Short name: TDU_repeat


The mammalian TEF and the Drosophila scalloped genes belong to a conserved family of transcriptional factors that possesses a TEA/ATTS DNA-binding domain. Transcriptional activation by these proteins likely requires interactions with specific coactivators. In Drosophila, Scalloped (Sd) interacts with Vestigial (Vg) to form a complex, which binds DNA through the Sd TEA/ATTS domain. The Sd-Vg heterodimer is a key regulator of wing development, which directly controls several target genes and is able to induce wing outgrowth when ectopically expressed. The human protein, TONDU, contains a short domain homologous to the domain of Vg required for interaction with Sd. TONDU specifically interacts with a domain conserved in all the mammalian TEF factors [PMID: 10518497].

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