Testicular haploid expressed repeat (IPR006623)

Short name: THEG


Repeats found in the Mus musculus (Mouse) and Homo sapiens (Human) THEG (testicular haploid expressed gene) proteins and several Drosophila melanogaster (Fruit fly) proteins [PMID: 11173852].

This repeat is the only conserved part of the THEG proteins from vertebrate spermatids. Both human and mouse THEG are specifically expressed in the nucleus of haploid male germ cells and are involved in the regulation of nuclear functions [PMID: 11173852, PMID: 10330110]. Although the differential gene expression of THEG in spermatid-Sertoli cell co-culture supports the relevance of germ cell-Sertoli cell interaction for gene regulation during spermatogenesis, THEG was not found to be essential for spermatogenesis in mice [PMID: 12748127].

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