Nose resistant-to-fluoxetine protein, N-terminal (IPR006621)

Short name: Nose-resist-to-fluoxetine_N

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This is the N-terminal domain of Caenorhabditis elegans NRF-6 (Nose Resistant to Fluoxetine-4) and NDG-4 (resistant to nordihydroguaiaretic acid-4) proteins; the domain is also present in several other worm and fly proteins. NRF-6 and NDG-4 are multipass transmembrane proteins which may act together in a complex to function to transport fluoxetine across the hypodermal barrier to the inside of the animal, where it can then act on neuromuscular targets to induce muscle contraction.The complex may more generally play a role in regulation of membrane transport in C. elegans [PMID: 10488330].

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