MADF domain (IPR006578)

Short name: MADF-dom

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The MADF (myb/SANT-like domain in Adf-1) domain is an approximately 80-amino-acid module that directs sequence specific DNA binding to a site consisting of multiple tri-nucleotide repeats. The MADF domain is found in one or more copies in eukaryotic and viral proteins and is often associated with the BESS domain [PMID: 12459265]. MADF is related to the Myb DNA-binding domain (IPR001005). The retroviral oncogene v-myb, and its cellular counterpart c-myb, are nuclear DNA-binding proteins that specifically recognise the sequence YAAC(G/T)G. It is likely that the MADF domain is more closely related to the myb/SANT domain than it is to other HTH domains. Some proteins known to contain a MADF domain are listed below:

  • Drosophila Adf-1, a transcription factor first identified on the basis of its interaction with the alcohol dehydrogenase promoter but that binds the promoters of a diverse group of genes [PMID: 1731341].
  • Drosophila Dorsal-interacting protein 3 (Dip3), which functions both as an activator to bind DNA in a sequence specific manner and a coactivator to stimulate synergistic activation by Dorsal and Twist [PMID: 9528796].
  • Drosophila Stonewall (Stwl), a putative transcription factor required for maintenance of female germline stem cells as well as oocyte differentiation.

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