Neuralized homology repeat (NHR) domain (IPR006573)

Short name: NHR_dom

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The neuralized homology repeat (NHR) domain is a module of ~160 amino acids, which has been identified as a tandem repeat in drosophila neuralized, a protein involved in development of the central and peripheral nervous system [PMID: 9519875]. Several other fly, worm, and mammalian neuralized-like proteins were found to contain between one and six NHR domains associated with other modules, such as RING, SOCS, or SPRY [PMID: 11779830, PMID: 11731489]. It has been suggested that the NHR domain is required for the localization of neuralized to the plasma membrane [PMID: 11696324]. As it has been proposed that NHR domains do partly resemble SPRY domains, it is possible that NHR possess microtubule-binding functions, similar to those proposed for SPRY domains [PMID: 11731489].

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