PLAC8 motif-containing protein (IPR006461)

Short name: PLAC_motif_containing

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This entry represents a group of cys-rich proteins, including cornifelin and PLAC8 from animals, MCA (MID1-COMPLEMENTING ACTIVITY) and PCR (PLANT CADMIUM RESISTANCE) from Arabidopsis and cell number regulators from maize [PMID: 20400678, PMID: 21347707].

Cornifelin is part of the insoluble cornified cell envelope (CE) of stratified squamous epithelia [PMID: 15147942, PMID: 25377654]. PLAC8 is required for white adipocyte differentiation in vitro and cell number control in vivo [PMID: 23155406].

Plant transports in this entry include MCA1, MCA2 and PCR1-12. MCA1 and MCA2 mediate Ca2+ uptake [PMID: 20097794, PMID: 24475319, PMID: 21949028], while PCR2 is a zinc exporter involved in both zinc extrusion and long-distance zinc transport [PMID: 20647347].

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