DJ-1 (IPR006287)

Short name: DJ1

Family relationships



These sequences represent the DJ-1 clade of the so-called ThiJ/PfpI family of proteins. PfpI, represented by IPR006286, is a putative intracellular cysteine protease. DJ-1 is described as an oncogene that acts cooperatively with H-Ras [PMID: 9070310]. Many members of the DJ-1 clade are annotated (apparently incorrectly) as ThiJ (thiamine pyridinylase), a protein of thiamine biosynthesis. However, published reports of ThiJ activity and identification of a ThiJ/ThiD bifunctional protein describe an unrelated locus mapping near ThiM, rather than the DJ-1 homologue of Escherichia coli. The ThiJ designation for this family may be spurious; the cited paper [PMID: 8885414] refers to a locus near thiD and thiM in E. coli, unlike the gene represented here. Current public annotation reflects ThiJ/ThiD bifunctional activity, apparently a property of ThiD and not of this locus.

This group of proteins are classified as either DJ-1 putative peptidases or non-peptidase homologues in MEROPS peptidase family C56 (clan PC(C)).

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