Bax inhibitor 1-related (IPR006214)

Short name: Bax_inhibitor_1-related

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Bax inhibitor-1 (BI-1) [PMID: 8530040] is a suppressor of apoptosis that interacts with BCL2 and BCL-X. Human Bax BI-1 is an evolutionarily conserved integral membrane protein containing multiple membrane-spanning segments predominantly localised to intracellular membranes. It has 6-7 membrane-spanning domains. The C termini of the mammalian BI-1 proteins are comprised of basic amino acids resembling some nuclear targeting sequences, but otherwise the predicted proteins lack motifs that suggest this function. As plant BI-1 appears to localise predominantly to the ER, it was suggested that plant BI-1 could also regulate cell death triggered by ER stress [PMID: 19704470]. BI-1 appears to exert its effect through an interaction with calmodulin [PMID: 19742129].

This entry represents BI-1 and related sequences, including lifeguard proteins, which also act as apoptotic regulators.

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