RidA family (IPR006056)

Short name: RidA

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The YjgF/YER057c/UK114 family of proteins is conserved in all domains of life [PMID: 22094463]. A phylogenetic analysis applied by Lambrecht et al. has divided the Rid family into a widely distributed archetypal RidA (YjgF) subfamily and seven other subfamilies (Rid1 to Rid7) that are largely confined to bacteria and often co-occur in the same organism with RidA and each other [PMID: 25975565].

This entry represents part of the RidA subfamily. Its members include the mammalian endoribonuclease UK114, the yeast YER057C and the bacterial protein YjgF. However, this entry does not include RutC, which is represented in IPR019898.

YjgF contains the enamine/imine deaminase activity and can accelerate the release of ammonia from reactive enamine/imine intermediates of the pyridoxal 5'-phosphate-dependent threonine dehydratase (IlvA). Therefore, YjgF is also known as RidA (reactive intermediate/imine deaminase A) [PMID: 22094463]. Although RidA subfamily members share protein and structure similarity, they may have different functions. For instance, rat ribonuclease UK114, also known as Hrsp12 or Psp1, is an endoribonuclease responsible for the inhibition of the translation by cleaving mRNA [PMID: 10400702, PMID: 11577990]. Budding yeast YER057C (also known as Hmf1) is involved in maintenance of the mitochondrial genome [PMID: 11003673].

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