Xanthine/uracil/vitamin C permease (IPR006043)

Short name: Xant/urac/vitC

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Family relationships


This entry represents a susbset of the wider APC (Amino acid-Polyamine-organoCation) superfamily of transporters [PMID: 10931886]. Characterised proteins in this entry include:

  • Xanthine permease PbuX, involved in cellualar xanthine transport [PMID: 9098051]
  • Uric acid permeases which promotes uptake of uric acid into the cell in limiting-nitrogen conditions [PMID: 11344136]
  • Uracil permease [PMID: 8206848]
  • Sodium-dependent vitamin C transporter, a sodium/ascorbate cotransporter mediating electrogenic uptake of Vitamin C [PMID: 11396616]

These proteins generally contain 12 transmembrane regions. Many members of this family are uncharacterised and may transport other substrates eg. RutG is likely to transport pyrimidines into the cell [PMID: 16540542].

GO terms

Biological Process

GO:0055085 transmembrane transport

Molecular Function

GO:0022857 transmembrane transporter activity

Cellular Component

GO:0016020 membrane

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