Asparaginase/glutaminase-like (IPR006034)

Short name: Asparaginase/glutaminase-like

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L-Asparaginases (EC: hydrolyze L-asparagine to L-aspartate and ammonia. Enzymes with asparaginase activity play an important role in the metabolism of all living organisms [PMID: 11996000, PMID: 17143335]. Enzymes capable of converting L-asparagine to L-aspartate can be classified as bacterial-type or plant-type L-asparaginase. Bacterial-type L-asparaginase are further divided into subtypes I and II, defined by their intra-/extra-cellular localization, substrate affinity, and oligomeric form. Homologous bacterial-type L-asparaginase are found in all kingdoms of life. Furthermore, bacterial-type L-asparaginase are related to other enzymes, including:

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