Beta-glucan synthesis-associated, SKN1 (IPR005629)

Short name: SKN1

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This family consists of the beta-glucan synthesis-associated proteins KRE6 and SKN1. Beta1,6-Glucan is a key component of the yeast cell wall, interconnecting cell wall proteins, beta1,3-glucan, and chitin. It has been postulated that the synthesis of beta1,6-glucan begins in the endoplasmic reticulum with the formation of protein-bound primer structures and that these primer structures are extended in the Golgi complex by two putative glucosyltransferases that are functionally redundant, Kre6 and Skn1. This is followed by maturation steps at the cell surface and by coupling to other cell wall macromolecules [PMID: 10601196].

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  • cd02180 (GH16_fungal_KRE6_glucanase)