Cgr1-like (IPR005579)

Short name: Cgr1-like

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Cgr1 is involved in nucleolar integrity and is required for processing pre-rRNA for the 60S ribosome subunit. In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, this protein is conserved and contributes to compartmentalisation of nucleolar constituents [PMID: 11932453]. Cgr1 is a small hydrophilic protein and members of this family are coiled-coil proteins [PMID: 11932453]. Its primary role appears to be in ribosome biogenesis [PMID: 11116400, PMID: 11342110]. Expression of CGR1 is also associated with a cessation of yeast cell growth, which is a prerequisite for germination in this organism [PMID: 11342110].

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