Cell division protein FtsQ/DivIB (IPR005548)

Short name: Cell_div_FtsQ/DivIB

Overlapping homologous superfamilies


Family relationships


FtsQ is an essential cell division protein. It may link together the upstream cell division proteins, which are predominantly cytoplasmic, with the downstream cell division proteins, which are predominantly periplasmic [PMID: 17185541]. FtsQ may control the correct divisome assembly [PMID: 19233928].


DivIB is a cell division protein from Gram-positive bacteria, probably homologous to Escherichia coli FtsQ. DivIB interacts with FtsL, DivIC and PBP-2B [PMID: 16936019, PMID: 20870765]. DivIB plays an essential role in division at high temperatures, maybe by protecting FtsL from degradation or by promoting formation of the FtsL-DivIC complex [PMID: 10792716]. It is also required for efficient sporulation at all temperatures [PMID: 16936026].

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