AMOP domain (IPR005533)

Short name: AMOP_dom

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The AMOP domain (for adhesion-associated domain in MUC4 and other proteins) is an ~100-residue long extracellular domain that occurs in putative cell adhesion molecules and in some splice variants of MUC4. It contains eight invariant cysteines residues that are predicted to be involved in disulfide bonds. The AMOP domain is found associated with extracellular domains involved in cell adhesion, such as NIDO, sushi, somatomedin B, VWFD, EGF, IPT, or TSP1. The presence of the AMOP domain in cell adhesion molecules could be indicative of a role for this domain in adhesion [PMID: 11893501].

Secondary structure prediction indicates an initial region rich in alpha helix followed by four beta strands, suggesting a beta-sheet organisation for the C- terminus of the AMOP domain [PMID: 11893501].

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