Chaplin domain (IPR005528)

Short name: ChpA-H

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This is a small domain found in a family of secreted Streptomyces proteins. It occurs singly or as a pair. Many of the domains have two cysteines that may form a disulphide bridge. This domain is found in chaplins ChpA-H (coelicolor hydrophobic aerial) proteins. All chaplin proteins contain one (ChpD-H) or two (ChpA-C) conserved chaplin domains. ChpA-C contain a canonical C-terminal sortase signal, which is recognized by sortase enzymes that covalently couple their substrates to the peptidoglycan present in the cell wall. Indeed, direct evidence for sortase-mediated coupling of ChpC has been demonstrated, and it is expected that ChpA and ChpB are also anchored to the cell wall [PMID: 28783117].

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