Remorin, C-terminal (IPR005516)

Short name: Remorin_C

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Remorins are plant-specific plasma membrane-associated proteins. In tobacco remorin co-purifies with lipid rafts. Most remorins have a variable, proline-rich N-half and a more conserved C-half that is predicted to form coiled coils. Consistent with this, circular dichroism studies have demonstrated that much of the protein is alpha-helical. Remorins exist in plasma membrane preparations as oligomeric structures and form filaments in vitro. The proteins can bind polyanions including the extracellular matrix component oligogalacturonic acid (OGA). In vitro, remorin in plasma membrane preparations is phosphorylated (principally on threonine residues) in the presence of OGA and thus co-purifies with a protein kinases(s). The biological functions of remorins are unknown but roles as components of the membrane/cytoskeleton are possible [PMID: 8989883].

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