Tctex-1 (IPR005334)

Short name: Tctex

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Tctex-1 is a dynein light chain. Dynein translocates rhodopsin-bearing vesicles along microtubules and it has been shown that Tctex-1 can bind to the cytoplasmic tail of rhodopsin. An efficient vectorial transport system must be required to deliver large numbers of newly synthesized rhodopsin molecules (~107 molecules per day per photoreceptor) to the base of the outer segment of the photoreceptor, Tctex-1 may well play a role in this process. C-terminal rhodopsin mutations responsible for retinitis pigmentosa inhibit the interaction between Tctex-1 and rhodopsin, which may be the molecular basis of retinitis pigmentosa.

In the mouse, the chromosomal location and pattern of expression of Tctex-1 make it a candidate for involvement in male sterility [PMID: 2570638].

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