YbhB/YbcL (IPR005247)

Short name: YbhB_YbcL

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This family contains Escherichia coli YbhB and YbcL that are possibly RKIP homologues, found in the cytoplasm and periplasm.

The crystal structures of YbhB and YbcL demonstrates that they belong to the same structural family as the mammalian RKIP/PEBP proteins. In rat and human cells, RKIP (previously known as PEBP) has been characterised as an inhibitor of the MEK phosphorylation by Raf-1. The general structural fold and the anion binding site of these proteins are extremely well conserved between mammals and bacteria and suggest functional similarities. However, the bacterial proteins also exhibit some specific structural features, like a substrate binding pocket formed by the dimerisation interface and the absence of cis peptide bonds.

The parallel between the cellular signalling mechanisms in eukaryotes and prokaryotes suggests that the proteins in this family could be involved in the regulation of protein phosphorylation by kinases. The structural variety observed for YbhB and YbcL indicates the possible recognition of multiple cellular partners [PMID: 11439028].

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