CRC domain (IPR005172)

Short name: CRC

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The following proteins of the tesmin/TSO1 family contain two cysteines-rich repeats with the consensus C-X-C-X(4)-C-X(3)-Y-C-X-C-X(6)-C-X(3)-C-X-C-X(2)-C separated by a region of variable length containing the short conserved sequence R-N-P-X-A-F-X-P-K:

  • Animal tesmin or MTL5, originally identified by its specific expression in testes, but subsequently it was also detected at specific stages of ovary development.
  • Animal tesmin-like (tesl) or LIN54.
  • Drosophila melanogaster tombola (tomb), a meiotic arrest protein which is expressed specifically in testis.
  • Arabidopsis thaliana TSO1, 'tso' means 'ugly' in Chinese and refers to the appearance of tso1 mutant flowers.
  • Arabidopsis thaliana TSO1-like 1 and 2 (SOL1 and SOL2).
  • Legume Cysteine-rich Polycomb-like Protein 1 (CPP1), a DNA-binding protein acting as a negative regulator of the leghemoglobin gene.
This domain has been named the CRC domain (C1-RNPXAFXPK-C2). It binds zinc and is able to bind DNA [PMID: 10769244, PMID: 10769245, PMID: 10859345, PMID: 18057042, PMID: 17360778]. The CRC domain shows some similarity to the CXC domain found in the E(z)-type of Polycomb group proteins [PMID: 9473645]. However, a clear distinction can be made, since the CXC domain lacks the RNPXAFXPK motif.

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