UPF0113, PUA domain (IPR005155)

Short name: UPF0113_PUA

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Domain relationships

  • PUA domain (IPR002478)
    • UPF0113, PUA domain (IPR005155)


This entry represents the PUA (PseudoUridine synthase and Archaeosine transglycosylase) domain found in UPF0113 family members, such as ribosomal biogenesis factor NIP7 and hypothetical protein KD93 [PMID: 9271378, PMID: 9891085, PMID: 15522784]. PUA domains are predicted to bind RNA molecules with complex folded structures [PMID: 10093218]. NIP7 is required for efficient 60S ribosome subunit biogenesis and has been shown to interact with another essential nucleolar protein, Nop8p, and the exosome subunit Rrp43p. These three proteins are required for 60S subunit synthesis and may be part of a dynamic complex involved in this process.

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