Peptidase U9, T4 prohead protease (IPR005082)

Short name: Peptidase_U9_T4_prohead

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This group of peptidases belongs to MEROPS peptidase family U9 (phage prohead processing peptidase family, clan U-), which play a role in the head assembly of Bacteriophage T4.

The pathway of bacteriophage T4 head assembly begins with the formation of a prohead bound to the bacterial cell membrane which is later converted to the mature, DNA-containing head. During maturation, all but one of the prohead proteins are proteolytically processed by a phage-coded protease which is formed by autocatalytic cleavage of the product of gene 21 (gp21). Protease gp21 has been tentatively located in the centre of the prohead core [PMID: 3552886].

The peptidases families associated with clan U- have an unknown catalytic mechanism as the protein fold of the active site domain and the active site residues have not been reported.

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