SAC3/GANP/THP3 (IPR005062)

Short name: SAC3/GANP/THP3

Overlapping homologous superfamilies


Family relationships


This family contains one highly conserved negatively charged residue and one highly conserved positively charged residue that are probably important for the function of these proteins. The family includes the yeast nuclear export factor Sac3 [PMID: 12631707], and mammalian GANP/MCM3-associated protein, which facilitates the nuclear localisation of MCM3, a protein that associates with chromatin in the G1 phase of the cell-cycle [PMID: 11526238]. It also includes yeast Thp3 (THO-related protein 3), which may have a role in transcription elongation [PMID: 21149575].

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