Protein LIN-8 (IPR005020)

Short name: LIN-8

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This entry represents a family of proteins found in Caenorhabditis called LIN-8, previously known as DUF278.

LIN-8 is a nuclear protein, present at the sites of transcriptional repressor complexes, which interacts with LIN-35 Rb. Lin35 Rb is a product of the class B synMuv gene lin-35 which silences genes required for vulval specification through chromatin modification and remodelling [PMID: 16020796]. The biological role of the interaction has not yet been determined however predictions have been made. The interaction shows that class A synMuv genes control vulval induction through the transcriptional regulation of gene expression. LIN-8 normally functions as part of a protein complex however when the complex is absent, other family members can partially replace LIN-8 activity.

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