Ribosome biogenesis GTPase RsgA (IPR004881)

Short name: Ribosome_biogen_GTPase_RsgA

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This entry contains Escherichia coli (strain K12) RsgA, which plays a role in the late maturation steps of the functional core of the 30S ribosomal subunit. It removes RbfA from mature, but not immature, 30S ribosomes in a GTP-dependent manner [PMID: 21102555, PMID: 25904134], and binds the 30S subunit making contact with the head, platform and rRNA helix 44 [PMID: 21788480, PMID: 21960487]. RsgA (sometimes known as YjeQ or EngC) is an unusual circulary permuted GTPase that catalyzes rapid hydrolysis of GTP with a slow catalytic turnover. It is dispensible for viability, but important for overall fitness. The intrinsic GTPase activity is stimulated by the presence of 30S (160-fold increase in kcat) or 70S (96 fold increase in kcat) ribosomes [PMID: 14973029]. The GTPase is inhibited by aminoglycoside antibiotics such as neomycin and paromycin [PMID: 15466596] streptomycin and spectinomycin [PMID: 15828870]. This inhibition is not due to competition for binding sites on the 30S or 70S ribosome [PMID: 15828870].

A mitochondrial version of RsgA has been characterized from Arabidopsis [PMID: 15266054].

GO terms

Biological Process

No terms assigned in this category.

Molecular Function

GO:0005525 GTP binding
GO:0003924 GTPase activity

Cellular Component

No terms assigned in this category.

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